About us

Time Travel is a Swedish company, run and owned by Ronnie Olovsson. The company is fairly young (founded 2009) but yet very experienced in the golf travel business since Ronnie has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

The company has two major fields of operation:

1. Golf Travel
The focus is on selling golftrips to groups (of any size between 10 and 80 people). Individual bookings (of less than 10 people) are very rare. Our main client is the Golf Professional who travels with people from his/her golf club. We also regularly arrange tournaments such as ProAm’s.

2. Events & Marketing
We offer marketing services to golf destinations, tourist boards, golf resorts etc so that they can promote themselves in Scandinavia. This is made through different events such as tournaments, marketing campaigns, mailings, market studies, famtrips etc. Our vast knowledge of the Scandinavian golfing market makes for a highly efficient promotion.

Ronnie Olovsson
Before founding Time Travel in 2009, Ronnie worked as Sales Manager for Golfstore Travel between 2000 – 2009 and previously held a position within Ving Golf, another Swedish Golf Tour Operator. He knows all there is to know about golfing holidays and running this business.

Ronnie has played more than 600 courses worldwide and this number is increasing every year since he is regularly travelling to find new destinations.

Time Travel AB
Tåstrupsgatan 10
262 32 Ängelholm

Tel: +46 431 – 36 80 36
Mobile & Whats App: +46 705 – 79 75 73

Skype: ronnie.timetravel
Mail: info@timetravel.se

VAT: SE 556779 – 657701